AWAKEN THE GUARDIANS will dive deeper into the world of The Guardians and help awaken inner abilities to communicate with and command Divine Intelligence.

Based on the ancient wisdom of the Qi Men Dun Jia system, the Guardians are our connection to Divine Spirit. They are awaiting our commands. The key lies in aligning ourselves for manifestation and in shaping our directions clearly so they may bring us outcomes that support our highest and greatest good and allow our dreams  to become reality.

Humans have access to 2 types of Intelligence:

1.  Our Human Intelligence which we often think of as our physical brain. It provides our willpower, our analytical abilities and thinking skills and moves us to action. This Intelligence is restricted by the personal identity we create and have of ourselves.  Think of it this way... We all have our personal beliefs about many things in our lives:  COVID-19, The US Presidential Candidates, our favorite sports team... and no amount of arguing or conversation will change our minds or sway us to think much differently. This is what it means to be restricted by the personal identity of ourselves.

On the other hand, the second Intelligence has no such restrictions.

2.  This second type of intelligence is called Divine Intelligence or Pure Intelligence and may also be called Universal or God-Force within. This Intelligence is what created us and is not restricted by human parameters. It is all-knowing and all-connected.


Awaken The Guardians will explore:

  • Personal Hidden Talents and what makes your life shine
  • Identifying your life lesson each year (and how to learn it)
  • Getting Clear about what you Need and Want in life
  • Aligning Heaven-Earth-Man-Universe for manifestation
  • Effectively commanding the Guardians to co-create the life you want

When life seems to operate on auto-pilot and you're not clear about what you want, it is time to Awaken The Guardians.

Prerequisite:  Gather the Guardians (level 1)




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